Monday, 28 May 2012

The Body Shop- Moroccan Argan & Orange Body Soufflé

To be honest, for some reason I have never really been bothered by The Body Shop, never go in, never had any of their products.  I was hoping to have a Friday night pamper session and went in there looking for bath bombs (which they do not sell, neither does any one else in my immediate area, grr!)  But I decided to have a look around and came out with this.

The smell is absolutely beautiful!!!!  The smell definitely reminds me of Dior Pure Poison perfume.  It is given the title of 'Body Soufflé', it isn't as thick as body butter, but has more substance than your normal moisturiser.  The Argan Oil product is quickly and easily absorbed while feeling rich and creamy.  A little goes a long way, so it will last a good while before you need to replace it.  It seems that Argan Oil products are big at the moment and I am certainly hooked after using this for just over one week! Another reason I love this product is because it is not at all greasy and leaves your skin smooth, soft and smelling gorgeous all day!!

The Body Soufflé is just one product within the Moroccan Spa range, I am desperate to get my hands on the accompanying finishing mist and bath/ shower oil, which I am having a mare getting hold of in their stores due to its popularity it would seem!!  I seriously hope they never discontinue this product or the range!!

The RRP on this product is £9.00 and can be found in all Body Shop stores Nationwide as well as on their website.

STAR RATING: * * * * *

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