Tuesday, 15 May 2012

MAGAZINE MAKEOVER- Neal's Yard Remedies- Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture

I first experienced this product when I got it as a free sample from Marie Claire magazine (April 2012 issue).  

Bizarrely, I was initially unsure on this product because it smelt so beautiful!!  Of course this to most people would not be an issue, though I suffer from eczema on and around my eyelids and spent a lot of time and money figuring out what my skin likes and will accept!  The packaging states it is free from synthetic fragrances or colours, parabens and silicones, though I still refused to believe it was true. 

A few days before I bought this magazine I had resigned myself to the fact luxury moisturizers just do not work for me and bought a large bottle of E45!!  

Two days after using this product my eyes and skin were transformed!!  The redness had completely disappeared and dry skin was pretty much non-existent on my eyelids!  It smells gorgeous and will last for a long time, as I quickly realized, you do not need a lot for good coverage!  Though using the freebie, I struggled to limit the amount I used at each time, though when bought it comes in a pump bottle, which should be a lot easier to control.  The packaging claims to "Help revitalize and keep skin in perfect balance."  I must strongly agree with this statement!!

The only thing I found when I first tried this moisturizer was, after application, it made my skin feel quite tight, though this feeling seems to disappear after about 5 minutes or so, not sure what that is about, but I like to let myself believe it is the product 'working' haha!!

The RRP on this product is approx. £22.50.  The only store I have seen this product to physically buy is John Lewis, though you can buy this directly from Neal's Yard website.  

STAR RATING:  * * * * * 

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