Tuesday, 29 May 2012

NOTD- Carnival !!

I can't quite believe I am using this polish as my first ever NOTD blog post but here it is!
The colour by Technic, named Carnival, is a multi coloured sparkle.  Maybe this is why I chose this?  A cool name for nails, in this recent and very odd (...but I'm not complaining) summer sun!

(The result after 4 coats.)

I decided to try this completely alone on fresh nails.  On the first coat, I must say ....COMPLETELY pathetic!  Though I figured you get what you pay for I suppose (99p to be exact!)  Anyway, I persevered and after about 4 coats the above picture is the final result.  I would say it is quite good if you want nice, simple nails with a bit of sparkle in your life. 
To use this as a sparkly top coat I still think you will need to give it a good few coats for the desired effect to be honest.

I bought this nail polish from Bodycare as I thought it was a funky colour and cheap .....and that is exactly what it was!


  1. I've been looking for a nail polish with sparkles since the one I have (Confetti in Pink Confetti) is a total fail. It'd probably take just as many coats, if not more, to cover my nail in sparkles. I usually use mine just on the tips for a sparkly french manicure ;)


    1. I agree! That sounds cute!! I have heard that for a totally sparkly nail, Nails Inc are very good polishes!! :D xx



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