Friday, 18 May 2012

OPI- Nicki Minaj Minis Pack

A celebrity endorsed OPI Mini set by Nicki Minaj, looks great, good sizes that people actually use until they are empty, unlike most conventional nail polishes, which go hard and nasty before we have chance to finish them!!  The set contains four different colours which I will review separtely as I feel some are better than others....

Did It On 'Em
A funky lime green, gives quite good colour after one coat but you definately benefit from a second.  I havent really worn this polish properly to date, its not really me, but I have tried it on a couple of nails.  Another good quality polish by OPI.

Fly is a beautiful turquoise blue which I am currently wearing on both my fingers and toes.  One coat of this polish is good, nice and light, though two coats takes the colour to a really nice deep blue, which reminds me of an amazing ocean colour!  At the moment I am wearing this colour without top coat or any sparkle polish and seems to be still going practically chip free for nearly a week now.  Overall I am very happy with this colour.

Pink Friday
This is a gorgeous matte pink colour which covers the nail with one layer colour wise, though if you cant be bothered to manacure your nails properly, especially regarding buffing out the ridges on top of the nail, at least two coats is essential to hide this, as due to it being a matte colour, it seems to cling to the ridges!  It looks gorgeous on both fingers and toes and will look even better with a tan!!  I feel this looks nice with Rimmel Lasting Finish in 'Disco Ball' used as a top coat.  I got over a weeks worth of chip free polish this way.

Metallic 4 Life
This colour is black with silver sparkles in it, so far I have used it on my toes but not on my finger nails.  Upon the first coat, the colour is quite weak and you can still see the nail underneith.  I evenually used three coats the get the desired effect from the polish, which I dont mind.  Though the polish did not last chip free for much longer than a week!!  I dont know about you but nail polish on my toes usually lasts a good three weeks before it need to be changed and that is without top coat!!  When I did decided to remove it fully I found it was easier to use your finger nails to flick it off as nail polish remover seemed to take the colour off with the sparkle being left on solid and wearing a hole through my cotton pad rather than removing it! 

Overall I would say my fave colour is 'Pink Friday' it is a good all rounder and copes well in hard conditions (as I proved playing with boats for a weekend, after the polish had already been on for a full week!!!!)  It is a very girlie colour though (as you can see from the pictures).  
I have rated this product at four stars as 'Metalic 4 Life' is a bit weak and a pain to remove, but other then that, brill!!  Get them!!

The RRP for this product is approx. £13.00, I bought this product from Sally Salon Services in Southport, (If you are a hairdresser/ beautician, etc you will get the product cheaper at this store) though this shop can not be found everywhere, the product can be found widely online, but BE QUICK this is a limited edition product and wont be around forever!!

STAR RATING: * * * *

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