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Egypt Essentials cont. PART 1- The products I have used before.

IM BACK!!! blogging, im currently writing this on my iPhone in Marsa Alam airport waiting for my flight home.  Here in Egypt it has been 38 to 40 degrees everyday, sunbathing and swimming in the reef, being back in England where it's approx. 17 degrees in my area of that rainy country does not fill me with glee.  (Please ignore the date and time of the upload of this post as I will only be turning the data back on my phone on arrival to England and currently have no wifi). My plan now is to make a few posts re: my Egypt Essentials post in 2, maybe 3 parts.  This post is to review the products I took with me that I have used before, as you may have gathered from the title.  So without further ado......

Apologies for the reuse of photograph, but it makes it easier to relate back to the original post. 
1. Clinique- Liquid Facial soap, Mild
3. Garnier- Ambre Solaire After Sun
4. Clinique- Superbalm moisturising Gloss in 'Grapefruit'
5. Clinique- Face and Body Sun Cream, SPF 15
9. Redken- Colour Extend Sun Solar Screen spray, SPF 10
10. St Ives- Apricot Scrub 

Clinique- Liquid Facial Soap, Mild
I have only ever actually bought this product twice, all the other times I have used it, I have received it in a free Clinique gift, as you can see from the picture above.  Its quite light weight and really gives you a clean and fresh feeling after use.  It is easy to wash off and doesn't cling to the face like some gel washes I have used in the past.  Another good point is you only need to use a small amount to cover the whole face, meaning it does last a good while, even for 50ml gift size!  It is a really good one for when traveling or a weekend away due to its size and I don't really have an complaint about it, though for some reason, I wouldn't buy it in the full size again, I'm just not too fussed by it, it doesn't particularly register with me as 'special'.  I have quite sensitive skin these days and feel that this is quite kind with that, though a friend with the same eczema issues with me, feels she can't really use any of Clinique's products at all, reaction to this is a bit of a mix bag.  A full size bottle of this facial soap is 200ml and the RRP is £14, I feel this is quite reasonable, but I just don't love it enough.

Garnier- Ambre Solaire After Sun
I have used this products over 2 different holidays, and I would definitely buy this again.  It smells lovely fresh and clean, the formula is very light weight, but good enough to do the job!  Meaning you can smother this on and not feel sticky at night whilst on holiday in the heat.  I feel it has done a wonderful job as both times I have used it, peeling has been at an absolute minimum, I can't really comment too much on putting it on to burnt skin as I whack the protection on in high heat, though my boyfriend didn't really complain when using it on his traffic light red shoulders, so I'm presuming it is very soothing and doesn't sting too much!!  The bottle is 250ml, so not much good if you are only traveling with hand luggage.  Unfortunately, I am unable to find the RRP for this product due to buying it last year though I would guess-timate it cost approx. £5.00.

Clinique- Superbalm Moisturising Gloss in 'Grapefruit'
As you can probably guess, this is another Clinique Bonus Time freebie, I have a few of these in the same colour in different packaging so its a good job I like it!!  This is a lovely light weight lip balm, which is also a gloss.  It glides on to the lips with the angled plastic applicator and lasts for a good hour or so before having to reapply, so as a balm, not too bad.  On the lips is is pretty much clear with a tinge of pink, so not too bold, great for the beach look.  The product is not sticky like other glosses and does not leave a yacky residue like others sometimes do.  The freebie version of this product is 7ml but to buy, it is 15ml and the RRP is £13.50. Whilst I'm talking about Clinique balms, I really do need to buy myself a Chubbystick, which I am still yet to have tried!!!!

Glossy, with a tint of pink
Angled, plastic applicator
Clinique- Face and Body Sun Cream, SPF 15
This product is amazing!!  The lightweight formula just soaks straight in to the skin.  This sun cream is for both body and face, though for some reason, Clinique also so a separate face version??  I can only presume this is for women in in city, wishing for a handbag friendly size.  This product claims to be water and sweat resistant, though you should apply regularly throughout the day ...of course!  This is not like other sun protection, it absorbed straight in to the skin, with no trace of the product being there, unlike others where you have great big white patches of cream where you have put it.  It is not sticky in any way, you can't even tell you have it on.  It smells pretty neutral, so can easily wear some form of fragrance with it, without it being tainted.  I bought the SPF 15 version of this product though it is available also in SPF 30 and 40, I would highly recommend this product.  It is 150ml, so once again, no good for hand luggage only travellers, with an RRP of £18.50.  Pricey, but worth it!!

Redken- Colour Extend Sun Solar Screen spray, SPF 10 
I honestly have no clue what made me buy this the last time I went on holiday, but I love it!!  It  is a hair protection spray with SPF 10, so it is effectively sunscreen for your scalp and hair.  It also nourishes your locks after it has been dried out by the sun and I also find its good to spray on after being in sea water.  It can be sprayed on to both wet or dry hair.  In Egypt, I used this after swimming in the pool and the sea, though in the past I have plaited my hair dry and sprayed it over this before going out into the desert.  It dries pretty quickly on dry hair, it does not leave a residue, its not sticky nor does it leave your hair looking greasy.  It is basically amazing, and the reason I love it the most??  ..It smells B-E-A-U-ITFUL!  Im not sure what it smells of exactly, but according to my Redken Colour Extend Sun, After Sun Shampoo (which smells the same! mew!) it includes Mango extract, so I presume thats what it is.  This product is 150ml, and I have had this a good while.  I am unsure of the RRP as I have bought this from my local hairdressers a good while ago,  this is part of a range of Colour Extend Sun products!

St Ives- Apricot Scrub 
Last, but not least, the scrub.  I can honestly say this is one of my holy grail products.  It smells lovely and fresh, and leaves my skin feeling amazing!!  Its got to the point where other facial products don't leave my face feeling clean enough, though the packaging advises it is to be used 3 to 4 times a week, so pretty much every other day!  I took a risk when buying this, as I ignored the version for sensitive skin, and bought the original.  The scrubbing properties feel quite harsh, but harsh enough to know they are doing their job, not ripping off your skin.  I find some other scrubs a little pathetic, like they are not doing anything at all, this is not one of those scrubs!!  You can buy a tub of body scrub similar to this from St Ives, though I use this facial product on my legs and feet too and it is simply brilliant!!  Until, (touch wood!!!!), my face decides it does not like this product any longer, you won't see me using any other facial scrub!  This product is 150ml with an RRP of £2.66 which is an ABSOLUTE BARGAIN!!!!  I used this product every night whilst on holiday in order to remove any dead skin, to avoid peeling and to maximise my tan,  and it worked, no peeling whatsoever!!!

So, there you have it, PART 1 complete!!  Stay tuned for PART 2- Products I haven't used before!!

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