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Egypt Essentials cont. PART 2- Products I haven't used before

IM BACK!!!! Unfortunately, I must add! From a week where the weather is 38 to 40 degrees everyday, sunbathing and swimming in the reef to being back in England where it's approx. 17 degrees in my area of this rainy country, as you can imagine, I'm practically frozen, though my lovely tan is telling a VERY different story... If you haven't read part 1 already, you can find it HERE. So here it is, part 2, the products I have never used before ...until now.... 

 Once again, the same picture has been used to maintain consistency.
2. Nivea- Invisible black and white roll on Deodorant 48hrs
6. The Body Shop- Coconut Lip Butter
7. 17- Clear Definition mascara
8. The Body Shop- Coconut Shower Cream
11. Revlon- Colourstay Long Wear Nail Enamel in 'Fall Mood'
12. The Body Shop- Coconut Beautifying Oil
13. The Body Shop- Coconut Shimmer Body Butter

Nivea- Invisible black and white roll on Deodorant 48hrs
This one is just going to be short and sweet, it is only a deodorant after all...
I bought this cause I'm sick of buying spray deodorants every other week.  I don't why I decided this as I've never liked roll ons, because they go on wet, I feel like I'm just rolling on sweat, but this one has been good to me.  Its now half empty and I've had it for over 2 weeks, so it is definitely lasting longer than the sprays, though of course its no use if you are actually sweating, E.G. in hot heat or after the gym, so I'm keeping a spray handy too for those occasions.  It is invisible, providing you let it dry before getting dressed, otherwise its far from it, and finally, it does actually work... All day! 

The Body Shop- Coconut Lip Butter
As you have probably already guessed, this is a part of my coconut haul... and its brilliant!  Bought it for Egypt in case of any potential lip burn, which I didn't get but I used it any way.  I love it, smells delicious, feels lovely and moisturising, I can imagine this will be very soothing in the winter on sore, chapped lips!  At the moment I'm putting it on every night before bed and waking up with lovely soft lips.  In Winter, this will be my summer during the rain....
The Body Shop- Coconut Lip Butter
17- Clear Definition Mascara
Im not even going to waste too much of my time on this one, so I'm sure you can already guess the nature of this review.
I wanted a clear mascara for a natural, beach look, knowing it wasn't waterproof, but it didn't matter because if, after swimming it came off, you wouldn't be able to see it all under my eyes anyway....
I would of happily bought Rimmel's Clear mascara, though I couldn't find and I can only guess it has been discontinued?!  I looked on Boots website and read the reviews, 17 and one other brand was the only ones I could find available (I can't remember what the other brand is now but it didn't have good reviews).  17, on the other hand had glowing write ups, so I bought it.
Best way to describe this on lashes?? ..USELESS!!  I know your not meant to be able to see it, but it just didn't do anything for my lashes full stop.  With an RRP of £4.69 it wasn't cheap and it is no use for anything other than unruly brows, and thats the only use I now have for this rubbish.  I wouldn't even recommend you buy it for this reason as there are many other better brow products on the market..... that is all!
17- Clear Definition Mascara and application brush
The Body Shop- Coconut Shower Cream
This is another quick one really.  It feels and smells amazing, with it being a cream rather than a gel, it is very moisturising and leaves your skin smelling beautiful, the smell doesn't last that long but I used it as a great scent base for all my other coconut products.  It is in a 250ml bottle and I don't have to use too much for the desired effect so will last you a good while, even using it everyday!!  It has an RRP of £4.00 and I feel it is worth this price tag.  I will be buying this again!  You can also buy this product as a bath milk, which I have not tried, though I probably won't rush to either with it being double the price at £8.00.

Revlon- Colourstay Long Wear Nail Enamel in 'Fall Mood'
This is a review on the NOTD post I did before I went.  I loved the colour alone, and it was pretty with Topshop's Razzmatazz over the top too!  With its claim to last for up to 11 days, I was hopeful, though that must just be for people who do nothing.  Though I'm not going to slate it, it did well to last for 4 days on my finger nails, coping with me swimming in both the pool and the sea everyday.  I took it off whilst I was there once it started chipping.  I took it with me with the risk of a redo, but I didn't bother, simply because I couldn't be bothered.  My toes on the other hand lasted the whole week plus more.  This is a good polish and I would definitely buy other colours from this range.  Very pretty!

The Body Shop- Coconut Beautifying Oil
Straight from the off, I'm in LOVE with this product.  I had bought nearly every other Coconut Body Shop product, so I had to have this.  Even though my immediate worries were, won't it make my face, body and hair greasy??  ..Its three  I asked the lady in the shop how to use it on the hair, to which she replied, put it in the ends before washing.  I did this and leave it on for approx. 30 minutes before washing and it is amazing, leaves my hair feeling lovely and soft and practically knot free after washing!  Even after using both shampoo and conditioner, you can still smell lovely Coconut in the ends!!!
Used as a hair treatment...
So, that was going to be my only use, until I read multiple reviews on how good it is, I moved on to the body.  This leaves a gorgeous sheen over the skin and the scent lasts for hours!!  It will work brilliantly with The Body Shops Coconut Bodymist!!  The oil soaks in quickly, easily and leaves you feeling wonderfully soft and moisturised, it does not feel greasy AT ALL!!
On initial application... 
Completely rubbed/ soaked in.
And of course, I eventually moved on to the face with this.  I know I have complained multiple times about my dry, facial skin, though this is only in certain areas, due to my eczema, other than this I would definitely class myself as combination skin, so obviously dubious about how oil will work here....  I read from a blogger via Hellocotton (very sorry can't remember which one, but if it is you, let me know I will edit this post and credit you!!) that it is brilliant as an overnight moisture treatment.  SO TRUE!!  I used approx. 2 drips of the oil and rubbed into both the face and neck area.  It did not leave my face feeling greasy, there was no excess residue and I went to bed smelling the sweet sweet coconut on my face.  On waking the next day, my face was still not greasy and I had beautifully soft skin!!!
Anyone with reservations about this product, TRY IT!!  You will be amazed!!  I will definitely be buying this again!!  A little goes a long way when using this on the body, I use most of this product on my hair due to it being quite long.  The bottle is 100ml and the RRP £9.00 which I thought very expensive until I started using it.  This will last me for a long time and is worth every penny!

The Body Shop- Coconut Shimmer Body Butter
The final product on this particular coconut haul.  This is probably the strongest smelling of the products and it is heavenly!! I was originally going to buy the shimmer lotion, on a whim, I just saw it there, but they had no stock, though the lovely lady pointed me in the direction of this.  For many of you who didn't realise this existed, have a gander in the body butter section, its hiding in there!!  I didn't know it existed myself until it was pointed out to me.
Thinking about it now, I think the butter is a better buy than the lotion as they are both VERY shimmery, and I feel the butter could be better controlled than the lotion, full marks on this product for shimmer!! 
On initial application
After rubbing in.  (Natural light)
As you can see from the picture above, the shimmer is very good, but not too much to be over the top, just subtle.  I would definitely recommend this as a brilliant holiday buy!  I used this every evening and have used it quite a few times since returning, including today.  (As you can see from the picture below, there isn't much of a dint in it).  With a 200ml tub, I think this will last a long time.  Brilliant used as a quick streak up the front of your pins, for a lovely sheen.  I will be buying this product again in the future, the RRP is £12.50 but if you love shimmer, coconut and body butter, it is a brilliant combo and investment!!!
Shimmer Coconut Butter, this will last a good while!
So there you have it, PART 2 complete.  As I mentioned earlier in the post, if you want to catch up with PART 1 click HERE.  
I got a special product whilst I was there, and I'm sure it will be something to write home about.  Stay tuned as I will do a post on it once I have tried it!!

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