Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Just a quick note...

If you a Body Shop fan, get you asses down there ASAP!!!  Up to 50% off body butters, loads of fragrance, which I took advantage of! and plenty more!! I only went down there to buy their new body mist in coconut, to go with the rest of my coconut collection (See reviews on my up coming post, Egypt Essential cont. PART 2.) and came back with my purse £18.00 lighter, though of course I used my Body Shop card as the total was originally over £20.00, if you don't have a card you should get one of those too!!  They are £5.00 for a year but totally worth it!!

So this is what I got.....

1. Coconut Body Mist.   £7.00
2. Sandalwood & Ginger Home Fragrance Oil.  £3.50
3. White Musk Sun Glow, Limited Edition X2.  £7.50 RRP £15.00

The only things I bought in the sale were the perfumes, these were £7.50 reduced from £15.00, though the reason I bought 2 was because if you bought 1, you got £5.00 off a second one, BARGAIN!!!  Especially for 60ml bottles!  I have never used this perfume before but I tested it in the shop and it smells gorgeous, ill review it in the near future re: its staying power etc (And the Coconut Body Mist).  
As for the Home Fragrance oil, I figured it was cheap and I wanted to try it, never used that before either, but I do love the smell of sandalwood, so I'm sure it will be amazing!!  According to the website its a best seller!!

GET DOWN THERE ASAP!!  Im not sure how long this sale is on for, theres plenty I would have bought if I didn't already have it !!!

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