Friday, 8 June 2012

LUSH spree!

So I finally got my hands on a bath bomb, after receiving my inaugural Lush headache (fans of this store must know what I'm talking about???) ...which I have not yet used... Instead, I found myself in Lush for a second time, buying even more stuff!! ...For baths....  This is odd to me as I am more of a shower girl but I am definitely converted to a bit of both now!!  Here is what I bought over two separate trips.....

Bubble Bar- The Comforter
I didn't really understand the concept of this at first but I must say, its AMAZING!!  It smells absolutely gorgeous, like blackberries!!  It costs £4.15 but is worth very penny, a little goes a very very long way!  
(Bubble Bar after one bath).
To use it, you break a small section off the bar and crumble in under warm running water.  I put a small amount in after the bath was approx. a quarter full and a little bit more for good measure when around three quarters full.  Its turns the a gorgeous light pink colour and creates lots of bubbles!!  
(Pink bath water after adding the Bubble Bar).
You can really feel it soft on your skin whilst in the bath and leave a lovely subtle smell on your skin once your out.
I am sure I will be purchasing this product again, though not for a while as it will last a long time!!

Lip Scrub- Bubblegum
This tastes absolutely delish!!  I actually went to Lush the first time with the intentions of buying this after reading about it on the three W's.  It sealed the deal for me in regards to going to the store lol.  
This is available in three different flavours, though this is by far the best in my opinion!  Also available in 'Mint Julips' which smells like mint choc and 'Sweet Lips' which smells like plain chocolate.  Really easy to use, basically stick your finger in the jar and then scrub and buff your lips to smooth perfection, and the best bit ....its EDIBLE, just lick it straight off and it tastes amazing as one of its main ingredients is sugar as you can probably tell from the picture below.
(I can smell its strong, bubblegum scent just taking this picture...)

When I initially got this I attempted to show my Mum, who replied " Oh yeah, I saw that on the fire place before, I just stuck my finger in and licked it!!"  I genuinely think she believed it was some sort of sweetie gimmick until I told her otherwise!!
After using this so far, I would say its pretty damn good at its job though the real test will be winter, when its chapped lips for everyone!  Will it buff off the dead skin??  Only time will tell. (Please stay away for as long as possible winter cold!  I would prefer not to able to test this out!!!)

Bath Melt- Happy Blooming
One in a range of many bath melts at Lush, this SURELY smells the best??  Actually smells good enough to eat, like a cherry bakewell to be exact!!  The RRP on this product is £3.85.  I reckon you would probably get about three uses out of this, simply because its easier to snap along the indented lines already in the product (as you can see on the picture below), making it not quite as price friendly as their bubble bars.  
Once again, very simple to use, just fill your bath as you normally would and then drop it in, where the clue is in the name melts leaving you a very cherry bath time!!
I stuck mine under running water when the bath was half full, just to see what it would do, having never used one before, it did start to melt quite quickly and the consistency of the product completely changes!  It originally feels quite hard and but like play dough at the same time, but once wet it feels quite soft and chalky. 
I decided to wait until the bath was full to let it melt fully and it does disappear quite quickly, you would think so when holding the product in its original state.  It changes the water a light shade of red and the surface of the water looks like there is oil on the top of it.  It leaves your skin smelling just like cherry and feel very moisturised.  If you don't really like bubble baths, this one is for you as it doesn't create any at all!

Fresh Face Mask- Cupcake
This is a chocoholics heaven......  I saw this on my first trip and walked away from it, though on my second visit I couldn't resist trying it any longer.  It smells and feels amazing!! Its quite pricey at £5.75, it must be used within three weeks of purchase due it being fresh ingredient and must be stored in your fridge!  I was advised at the store you can probably get away with leaving it out for about eight hours... which was good, because after purchasing I was being dragged to some alien film by my boyfriend and we were in a mall over an hour away from home, anyway.... You simply spread this all over your face, obviously avoiding the eye area, and leave for 5- 10 minutes, in this time it completely dries on your face, you can feel the spearmint oil ingredients working straight away on your skin, this really is a quick fix to clear skin.  I had a few red marks in the wake of some spots I had on my left cheek for ages, these had completely gone after washing this off with warm water.  Its odd as in the tub it smells simply like chocolate, though on your face smells like mint chocolate!!  As you smooth it on it must we wakening up the ingredients lol.
People on Lush's website seemed to be enquiring if it would be happy or harmful to dry skin, I have dry skin and found this product brilliant to put your mind at rest!  And although this product is quite expensive, if you return five full size tubs from Lush, you will receive your 6th face mask free!!  Though I suppose your purse will be £28.75 down in order to benefit from this, I guess it depends how much you like the mask,  I will probably buy this again.  I will aim to use this about three times a week.  Im just hoping I can use it all within its feel by date as I shall be away on holiday for a week of its use time!!  (Stay tuned for holiday products post).

Bath Bomb- Space Girl
My final Lush product is the bath bomb I've never used yet (after all that whining about how I wanted one..)  I bought this particular one as I've never used them before, I wanted to stay cheap and this was the cheapest at £1.95, the prices range from this to about £3.15.
It smells amazing like Parma Violets and has a small amount of glitter on it, that you can just see in the picture above!  Im looking forward to using it an will update this post when I have.  I was hoping to break it up a bit and use it more than once.  Anyone who knows how to successfully do this without smashing it to tiny unusable pieces and let me know, would be muchhh appreciated!!!

Finally.... about these products, as shown in the picture below, I LOVE how each of the packed products, has its own sticker telling you who made it and when!!  Makes me feel as though they are good quality products as an actual persons time when in to making these and not just some computerised robot.  If you visit the Lush website here you can see how pretty much every product is made which is pretty interesting!!!
(Apologies for you half rubbed of print on the lip scrub, must be cause I'm always using it!)


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