Tuesday, 12 June 2012

NOTD- Holiday Nails.

After spending all day tidying the house for the burglars and making sure all my final bits and pieces are together and ready, here is the NOTD post I attempted to promise you before I left!

The polish I have used is Revlon Colourstay in 'Fall Mood'.  I have bought this polish just for this holiday as a neutral colour, in attempt to make sure it sort of matches all my outfits!  

The picture below is 2 coats of the polish though 1 is enough to make the nail pretty much opaque and dries quite quickly.
(Not a great picture due to the time of day and current lighting).
I am loving the colour alone, its sparkly, though its not matte nor glossy, Revlon calls it a "Gel-Like shine".  Usually I would shove a top coat on it and leave it at that.  Though I am taking polish remover pads with me, I would prefer to not bother having to redo whilst away, so I'm gonna put Topshop's 'Razzmatazz' on top (as seen on the picture below) in an attempt to make it last in pools, sea and showers for as long as possible.  This polish dries pretty rapidly!  The Revlon Colourstay claims to be chip free for up to 11 days ...so we shall see!!

(Not a great picture but the best I could get.  Topshop's 'Razzmatazz' on top).

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