Tuesday, 26 June 2012


So this is a little goody I got duty free en route to Egypt.  I didn't pay any less for the fact it was duty free, £10, which to my understanding is how much it is anyway?! This cute little tin, which turned out to be not quite as little as I originally thought, is ...and I'm cutting straight to the chase here... Absolutely brilliant!! It's cute limited edition tin, which you have a choice of when buying from the brand direct or suppliers such as ASOS, are cute and colourful and my particular tin was covered by the Union Jack flag which we can all assume is something to do with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee which has not long since past our social calendars.

Jubilee style Limited Edition tin
 I had heard this is a MUST HAVE product before, and since its not readily available for me to physically buy in any of my local beauty stores (I don't tend to buy beauty products online, I can't be bothered to wait for their arrival) this was the first time I have bought it. This product can be used all over the body, my main usage is the facial and hand areas.  Within the in-flight magazine, it was advertised with the fact it had won a Beauty Insiders' Choice Award in 2010 and somewhere at high altitude above Libya, I discovered why....

The formula is a dream to put on, it is light and rich in moisture all at the same time, it smells lovely too with a hint of floral in there!  It is a great size to carry everywhere with you and I shall definitely be checking this into my hand luggage on my next flight in order to stop that dry skin feeling throughout the time of being on the metal bird, especially on flights over 3 hours.

Good size tin for travel

I love this product and will most definitely be buying it again in the future, whether it be through the internet or on the high street, I now know its worth its weight in gold, and will be worth the wait regarding delivery.  This certainly does not put Neal's Yard Remedies- Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture out of the running for best facial moisturiser though for my particular skin type (DRY)!!!!

Lightweight formula

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