Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Body Shop- Raspberry Body Butter

I only bought this yesterday, though I feel I can review it already.  You don't need me to tell you how good the product is, and how well it works, as everybody has had or has a TBS body butter before and know they are simply amazing at what they do ...right?!
Amazing pink, outer packaging
I initially went in to treat myself and redeem the £5 credit I had on my rewards card, which I didn't end up doing and just took the brilliant discount included on all purchases instead (using the rewards card).  I wanted a plain body butter (without shimmer particles in it) for everyday use, and one I could use after using your bog standard shower gels (rather than my coconut ones or TBS spa range).  I read brilliant reviews on the Coca Body butter and had full intentions to buy it, though when I got there, the 'Try Me' sample seemed stodgy and I wasn't a fan of the smell at all!!

Though, I managed to find this bright pink beauty on what was left of the sale items.  I paid £6.00 for it, so practically half price, as all TBS Body Butters retail at £12.50.  Unfortunately, this is in the sale as it is the end of a line, they have fazed this scent out, along with a load of others, most likely to make room for Chocomania and their up coming peach range. 

I loved the smell of it in the shop and of course, its creamy consistency which soaks in to the skin so well, I had to have it!
Lovely, creaming consistency 
Once I got it home, I smothered it on my arms and over my shoulders before nipping straight back out for a DESPERATELY needed haircut.  .... It was then I had doubts,  I didn't think it smelt quite same and I just felt like a great big yoghurt, which is exactly what it reminded me of, a great big frommage frais!!
Though my faith was quickly restored when all I could smell, over the shampoos, conditioners and hair spray of the hairdressers was this beautiful body butter.  I was right the first time, it smells beautiful and my boyfriend ....sorry fiancé (HEHE) loves raspberries, so it was a big hit with him too!!
On the skin...
I can only recommend you getting down to your nearest Body Shop ASAP if you wish to try this, or have had it before and loved it too, in order to stock up.  With it being end of the line, I can only assume this limited if not, non-existent in many stores around the country, so snap it up now!!!

I also bought another sale item which has now been discontinued, Spiced Vanilla Body Lotion, which I will review separately at a later date, so stay tuned!!!!

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