Tuesday, 4 September 2012

August Empties.

Thought I would do a quick post on what I have found empty in my beauty stash this month and let you know if I would repurchase these products or not.

First of all, Clinique Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser 150ml and costs £17.00.  I bought this quite a while back when I was having an overhaul of my skin care in attempt to get my eczema under control (If you read yesterdays Liz Earle post you will know I am still fighting this battle), it did help for about 2 weeks until my skin got used to it and then I turned to something else (cant remember what now) hence why I still have it.  I have recently ran out of face wash whilst waiting for my Liz Earle delivery and have finished this off.
I cant complain about this product, its a cream cleanser and is kind to the skin, it doesnt really have a scent, which some people like but I like something which will give me a little pick me up in the morning sometimes.  Would I buy again??  Probably not, simply because it is not the answer to my problems so there is no point.

Loreal Elnett- Very Volume, 75ml.   Not really even going to talk about this, everyone has owned Elnett at some point in their lives, you either like it or you don't.  I do quite like it and will repurchase but I barely ever use hairspray, hence the small can, so I wont be rushing out to replace it.

The Body Shop Earth Lovers Shower Gel in Apricot and Basil.  I got this when I purchased my rewards card as a free gift,  I found this was the nicest smelling of the range, but wasn't 100% fussed on it really, don't feel it is anything special.  It is 250ml in size and would normally cost £5.00, it has lasted me about 2 months so good value for money.  I can't complain as the rewards card cost me £5.00, so this shower gel helped to gain 100% benefit money wise out of the card instantly.  I wouldn't bother repurchasing, though I have noticed since I got this, they have added an unscented gel to the range.  This would be good if you wanted full effect of your body butter/ perfume etc after showering and not be tainted by your shower gel I guess.

Superdrug Dry Shampoo, 50ml for 99p.  Bought this last year to take for a weekend in Portugal due to only taking hand luggage.  This has taken me a while to use as I prefer another, in the form of Lee Stafford as its smells gorgeous!!!  This doesn't smell of anything really, which I was happy with as I cant really stand the smell of the Batiste things to be honest.  I feel this is good stuff for the money though I wouldn't buy again as I'm pretty sure you can get Lee Stafford in travel size now!!

Witch Anti-Blemish Liquid Concealer.  Would I buy this again??  The answer is no as it seems they don't sell it any more, but I wouldn't have bothered anyway!!  Given it is by the Witch brand, I expected this to combat spots whilst in use, it didn't, it barely even concealed very well.  Enough said, rubbish.

Boots Natural Collection Passionfruit Body Spray.  This is a cheap and very cheerful body spray which smells gorgeous!!  It is 150ml and costs £2.00, it last a good while too!!  I have been using it on and off amongst other things for about 4months or so now.  A definite repurchase!!

Finally, The Body Shop, White Musk Sun Glow.  This is a 60ml bottle and has lasted me a couple of months.  It should have cost £15.00 but I picked it up in sale for £5.00.  Its smells very fresh and fruity and of course summery.  I would repurchase but this was a limited edition, luckily, I picked up two!! 

Well, I did say this would be quick, but I have rambled on and on as per usual!!  Hope you enjoyed!!


  1. I like seeing the products people use up. The White Musk sounds lovely & the bottle is nice too - pity it was limited edition

    1. Indeed a pity!! Looking forward to buying their original White Musk next time though, it smells lovely!! xx


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