Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Body Shop Rewards card rant....

Image: http://www.thebodyshop.co.uk/loyalty/love-your-body/index.aspx
So I've just been to the Body Shop for a couple of items and came out with one, as I didn't have enough money for both.  I planned to use my £5 gift you get at the 4th stamp ...or so I was told, that it was AT claiming the 4th stamp, you could claim your free fiver.  Though now I've finally gone to use it, apparently its after the 4th stamp???

If so, how will they know if I have already claimed it or not? I could keep on getting free £5 towards stuff couldn't I?!?! ...Not that I am planning to do that of course but to make matters worse, the woman didn't even stamp my card this time, so ill be waiting forever and a day at this rate!!!

Have you got a Body Shop card??  Have you claimed your free £5???  If so, on or after the 4th stamp???

P.S. Also, why have I only just found the outlet section of the website??? ..AMAZING!!!

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