Monday, 3 September 2012

Liz Earle- Skincare essentials...

So I finally purchased myself Liz Earle's Skincare essentials, which includes Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, Instant Boost Skin Tonic and Skin Repair Moisturiser, along with 2 muslin cloths.  I bought this online direct from the Liz Earle website through the August offer, meaning it only cost me £41.00 rather than £66.50, the cost of each item individually, AND I got a free full-size sheer skin tint too worth £21.00!!  Doing this also got me free delivery on these products, which should normally be £3.00 and take 3-5 days.
Upon first opening the delivery box....
I was very happy and pleasantly surprised when it arrived after only 2-3 days and was beautifully packaged.  To be honest, I was just expecting something along the line of, each product to be individually boxed and sent in a courier bag or something, because as I have told you in the past, I don't usually buy beauty products online ....though thats all about to change from now on!  The products arrived in what I can only describe as an iPad size box, when I initially opened it, I found this lovely packaging....

Beyond this lovely presentation, each item was individually wrapped in paper with a Liz Earle sticker to keep it in place.  not only did I get my paid for items and skin tint freebie, I also got other small freebies in the form of a 30 ml tube of cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser with a small muslin cloth, which is brilliant as I go camping a lot and this a great size to take with me!!
Hot Cloth Cleanser 30ml freebie
Then, what I found brilliant... a little envelope with a sample size of each skin tint shade they sell for you to try, just incase your FREEBIE skin tint is not the right shade, you can send it back and get the correct one!!  I love this!!!  You need never worry about buying the wrong shade again!  Haha, this would have brilliant for me as I NEARLY bought the lightest shade, Bare 01, though after visiting John Lewis and trying them out, discovered this was way too light and opted for Beige 02 instead, though it seems that was not necessary after all!!
Sheer Skin Tint Freebie, plus shade samples.
Anyway, I have rambled on about how pleased I am before even using the stuff...Now on to the actual products in use....

Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 
This product is 100ml in size and will last a good length of time as a little goes a very long way.  The cleanser contains chamomile, coca butter and a number of other great ingredients and boy, can you tell!!  The formula is silky soft and feels amazing.  You rub this on to skin when it is dry, on first use I was expecting this to have a similar look to a cream wash once applied, but it completely disappears on the skin, which you then clean off with the muslin cloth under warm water.  The cloth is kind to the skin though you can feel it is helping to exfoliate as you go.
I already love this product for the fact you can wash off the cleanser with a cloth, rather than splashing your face with water, thats one thing I usually really dislike about my facial routine... until now.
The full regimen
Instant Boost Skin Tonic
The toner comes in a 200ml bottle and smells absolutely lovely, it makes my face feel extremely fresh and is not drying to the skin at all, its also great for picking up any dirt or make up you may have missed with the Hot Cloth Cleanser.  The product is really refreshing and will be great when having to get up on those horrible early mornings when you just cant wake up!!  
I also love the style of the lid on this product which really helps to regulate how much you put on your cotton pad and keeps spillage to a minimum should you ever knock it over when open!!
Instant Boost Skin Tonic Lid
Skin Repair Moisturiser
As you may have read me whining about the eczema around my eyes before, you will probably guess I opted for the moisturiser for Dry/ Sensitive skin.  This moisturiser was the main reason I went for this set in the first place.  I cant find any products that take the eczema under control and keep it there, it usually gets used to a product and flares up again.  The Liz Earle website suggests different products for different skin complaints and this one appeared under the eczema complaint.  So far so good, after only a couple of uses, the moisturiser has completely taken the redness away, one of the worst parts of having this issue when it is at its worst, and the flaking skin is at a minimum!!  Whether the product continues to do this for me, only time will tell, but ill be sure to let you know!!  This products comes in a 50ml jar, and it is actually is 50ml, full to the brim when first opening it.  Just like the Cleanser, not much needs to be used for good coverage and will last a good while!
With all the natural ingredients that goes into this regime, I have high hopes for our future together!!
Skin Repair Moisturiser, Dry/ Sensitive
I shall review the Sheer Skin Tint in another post as I am yet to use it.....

Dont forget, you can take advantage of this offer too, HERE until the 5th September!!  BE QUICK!!!


  1. Im dying to try Liz Earle Products..Think I need to just order some and give them a go:)

    Sara xx

  2. You got a great deal & I love it when companies pop in a few extra samples - they are such a fab way of trying new products.
    I have only used the Hot Cloth Cleanser & love it. I do want to try more skin care from the range. Esp the Skin Repair Moisturiser - this sounds wonderful


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