Thursday, 6 September 2012

NOTD- Pink Fizz

Woo hoo!!  Its a long awaited NOTD post!!  Being written from the lovely peaceful Anglesey, North Wales  Haven't done a NOTD post in ages so I will enjoy this one and more to come after buying this lovely polish!  A Model's Own polish in Pink Fizz, a lovely sparkle paint, purchased from Boots for £5.00 (well worth the money!)
Ive really struggled to get a polish which I can put on to the nail and get full coverage with it being sparkly, they all usually end up being a nice topcoat for other polishes but this one is different.  As you can see from the picture below, the coverage you get after one coat.
Nails after one coat...
I discovered this polish when I saw it at my Aunties house.  I asked her if you can put it on alone or if it was more of a top coat, she told me it was brilliant after two coats and she was right!!  She had discovered it herself after seeing it on one of her employees, initially thinking it was sparkly Shellac, which it is definitely similar as you can see from the picture below (Please excuse the lack of top coat on this picture, I need to buy some and I'm sure it would make the polish look much nicer and shinier than it already is!!)...
Polish after two coats
Im sure this would help to make some lovely nail art too over the top of other colours (ill attempt this at some point and report back!!)  I only put this on yesterday, I wont comment on its wear time too much but it seems pretty chip proof so far, I bet it will be brilliant to wear on holidays, with it being a sparkle polish, it will be a bugger to get off and and probably last AGES!!!  Especially on the toes, im looking forward to doing those when I get home!!

There are many more sparkly polishes in the Model's Own collection which I look forward to purchasing, including the Hed Kandi collection, so keep your eyes peeled as ill shall do a NOTD on them as well, of course!!!

P.S.  Just found a lovely large range on their website, much bigger range than Boots.

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