Thursday, 6 September 2012

Oriflame Gloss Booster

I have recently purchased my third wedding magazine, 'Wedding Ideas' in which I received a lip gloss, or as they call it 'Gloss Booster' by Oriflame.  I have never heard of this brand but I have just looked them up on the net and you can find them HERE.  They are a brand from Sweden who offer a number of products from make up, skin care to hair care and fragrance etc.
12ml 'Gloss Booster' in 'Sugar Glaze'
What I received was a full size product at 12ml worth £6.95.  Not bad going, when I only paid £3.20 for the magazine itself.

The colour is named 'Sugar Glaze' and is lovely, very subtle with a hint of sparkle, very nice for casual wear.

The tube has an angled plastic applicator with a curved, pointed tip, good for putting gloss on your lips, and ONLY your lips haha, unlike some angled applicators where it ends up on your skin too!  Good for a mirror-less application.
Plastic, angled applicator
Appart from anything else, it smells beautiful, I feel some glosses can smell horrible, some of Clinique's for example, but this one smells really sweet!!  It is really soft on the lips and not sticky, lasts a good few hours at least, so yes, multiple applications in a day but it is nice.  

Would I purchase this if I had seen it on the high street??  No probably not.  Would I buy it again??  No, probably not, but if your getting married I would probably recommend you buy Wedding Ideas this this month haha!!

Have you heard of or used the Oriflame brand before???  Drop me a comment!!
Wedding Ideas Magazine freebie

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  1. Hello im a Oriflame consultant and love the products the skincare really suits my sensitive skin.


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