Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Red Velvet

I finally found what I've been looking for!!  This is a blogging first for me, writing about something not beauty related, though I suppose you could use it whilst in the bath.  A new Autumn scent for the Yankee Candle company in the form of 'Red Velvet'.  I didn't find it in the any of the big Yankee Candle retailers, no, but in a small shop, in the quaint and beautiful little village of Beaumaris in Anglesey, North Wales.  And to make it even better there were 25% off ALL candles.  They even had some of the Christmas editions such as Christmas Cookie, which I had managed to seek out on the internet many a time, but never been able to physically smell it ...until now, and it did not disappoint, lovely and sweet smelling, a Christmas must have for sure!!

Q: I bet some of you are wondering how I am managing to pap on so well about a candle?

A: Well if you like candles and you have ever smelt/ owned a Yankee Candle, then you will just know why.  If you haven't, you NEED to!!
Medium Red Velvet Yankee Candle
The smell of this candle is supposed to represent the Red Velvet cake of course, and just like the Christmas Cookie, it did not disappoint!!  It smells GORGEOUS and very sweet!!  Some people may not actually like it, it is that sweet smelling!!  Its extremely strong just smelling it from the jar in the shop, I HAD to have it!!

If you have smelt the Vanilla Cupcake before, it smells quite similar, for the fact it smells of CAKE YUMMY, but much stronger, much sweeter!!!

I have bought a medium size, which holds a double wick in order for the candle to burn cleaner and to get the most out of it, which is supposed to be 45-50 hours in total.  This is housed in their new style jars with a metal lid, rather than the traditional shape.  I paid £13.00 for this but at full price it costs £15.49, well worth every penny in my book!!

As I have written this I am currently getting a whiff of 'Creamy Caramel' a favourite of my Grandmothers, of which she stocked up on today as it has unfortunately been made redundant, which is a shame as it smells amazing!!

Myself and my Grandparents had a lovely little time in Beaumaris last week looking round the shops and had lunch at a lovely little tea rooms named the Spinning Wheel, I had tomato and pepper soup with some lovely little cheese sarnies cut in to triangles (MY FAVOURITE!!...not sure why haha), all this whilst sat outside in the lovely sunshine and their Westie, Toby sunbathed ...Which obviously made him all too hot as he hogged the air conditioning in the car all the way home as you can see from the picture below!!
Toby the Westie cooling down

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