Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Body Shop- Strawberry Puree Body Lotion

I went to the Body Shop with my Auntie, minus money, though my student loan was due and I found myself eyeing up a wish list.  I was happy to receive that text from student finance the same night to find the money would be in my account the next day ....and I would be back in The Body Shop!  

I went in just smelling things I haven't looked at before, I put a squidge of this body lotion on my hand, and at first I wasn't keen, with its consistency or smell, but as I was walking round, kept getting a whiff of it and thought I may like it but still wasn't too bothered by it for £8.00.  I picked up some purchases ( review to come (:  ) and found I was eligible this time for my free £5.00 (You may have seen my previous rant about that..) so I used it and paid only £3.00 for this 250 ml bottle.  You can actually buy a 60ml at £3.00 full price too.
250ml Body Lotion
Another reason I got this, I had seen on TBS website brilliant reviews by customers on both its scent and moisturising abilities and had noticed previously that the only bottle on the shelf was the tester, so it must be good!!

The strawberry scent is lovely and quite strong.  Many reviews stated how they used it for dry hands, I have many handbag sized hand creams, so I left this on the bedside table and used it at night on hands before sleeping.  At first the consistency is quite watery but not runny, understandable, being a puree.  Once rubbed in, it dries in seconds, though when I first tried this, it wasn't the impression I got from the product so I was quite pleasantly surprised.  

I have now started using this mainly when I'm in a rush/ unable to get ready at a leisurely pace, as it is quick drying and its pump action applicator allows quick administration and good control on the amount dispensed.  One minus point I have found so far, the amount in the bottle seems to have disappeared quite quickly, I have had it about 2 weeks, and I don't feel the bottle really reflects how little I thought I had used.

I feel I may have bought this a little too late in the year, as it is and lovely and lightweight for the warmer weathers, definitely more of a summer smell , and it certainly aint summer any more!!  Though people like summer scents all year round, I tend to like things a bit heavier in scent and consistency in the colder months, though this can happily be my occasional sunshine after the rain this autumn/ winter.  
Pump action applicator
Top: When first dispensed.  Bottom: Half rubbed in.


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