Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Liz Earle- COLOUR Sheer Tint

This post has been a long time coming, I know.  I  got this full sized Sheer Tint free with my Liz Earle Skincare Essentials regimen which you may have seen in a previous post.

Full sized freebie and shade samples
I chose the shade in Beige 02 and the colour is perfect, though this isn't by luck.  I was in the Trafford Centre a few days before purchasing and decided to take a little gander at the Liz Earle counter in John Lewis, pretty much to test out the shades of this tint.  I had in my head I needed Bare 01, how wrong I was.  It was way too light and its turns out my face isn't as pale as I thought.  I state 'face' as the rest of me is lovely and naturally tanned though my face looses its colour so easily!!  BOOO!

It was a lovely surprise to find when I opened my lovely little box, received through the mail, to not only find my full sized freebie, but also a envelope featuring all four shades to try and the lovely people at Liz Earle had noticed I had never ordered from them before, with the chance to send my tint back and swap it for the correct shade, should I have chosen the wrong one!!  I was quite impressed, sometimes its little things like this that help you to really love a brand.

On to the actual product, I haven't actually tried the samples for obvious reasons, though for the purpose of this post I might as well swatch, which I will add on at the end.

I really like this product, its of course moisturising, and gives lovely light coverage, I think its more one for the summer months, coverage wise.  It gives you a lovely dewy glow as well, you can really struggle to but too much on as it just blends in so well and also features SPF15.  Lately I have been using this all over the face and neck, then dusting some of Clinique's Redness Solutions over the top, this takes the dewiness away and helps give a bit more coverage.

I feel I am quite likely to purchase this product again in the future, when this becomes an empty.  One hang up I have on this product, which I forgot to mention, I'm sure what it is but I don't like the smell at all, it is like its skincare products in scent but more a smell, which I really am not a fan of obviously, though I have got used to this, hence I only just remembered to mention it!

Please see below the sample swatches.

Left to Right:
Bare 01
Beige 02
Beach 03
Deep Bisque 04

The RRP on this product is £21.00 for a 40ml tube.

Do own this product??  What are your thoughts?  Leave me a comment or a link to your review on this Skin Tint.

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