Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Body Shop- Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak

So here it is, a TBS product I'm just not that impressed with!  I bought the small sized tub, (50g) which I am now pretty glad about, they only cost me £3.50, compared to the full sized product at 200g for £7.00.

I read nothing but good reviews on this product on TBS website, and I really left my feet needed a little pick me up as they had been worked pretty hard around the time and thought, why not!

Apparently you only need to use a tiny amount of crystals to get a good effect, so I did, I don't think it really did anything, they sounds like they are popping as they hit the water and then nothing....

Foot Soak Crystals
My other half, Mr. P, HATES peppermint, the taste, the smell, EVERYTHING about it!  So I was hesitant to buy these with my previous experience of peppermint products being that they are very strong.  Not the case here, you can barely smell it at all, in fact I practically stuck my head in the bowl to try and get a whiff of them, and got barely anything!

I will probably use these until they run out, if I can be bothered, though I certainly wont be repurchasing!

What is your experience with this product??  Drop me a comment! 

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