Thursday, 22 November 2012

Diptyque- Bang for your Buck?

I am really fighting an urge here!!   I  am suddenly desperate to buy a Diptyque Oliban Frankincense Limited Edition Candle!

I have never owned a Diptyque candle, I know they aren't really on par with one another but I love my Yankee Candles, though there is a big price difference between these two brands.

On this particular limited edition, the jar is gorgeous looking and the thought of those Arabian scents is dreamy!!

I know the weight is 190g at £40.50 from John Lewis, which is much cheaper than anywhere else, at £45.00!

Though I have a few questions:

<3  Would you say you have experienced 60 hours burn time?
<3  Does it burn well and clean, leaving no wax on the jar??
<3  Is the fragrance as strong or stronger than Yankee Candle?
<3  If you have ever had one, are you really getting the bang for your buck, or are they not what they are cracked up to be??

Someone PLEASE let me know!!!

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  1. I have one of these lit now, and it's exquisite. It probably does burn 60 hours. In my experience, the wicks on Diptyques aren't thick enough to melt the wax all the way across, so I tend to replace them with a thicker one from my own supplies (can be messy). This has the intended effect of melting the enire surface of the wax and also brings out more scent. I have to say that the fragrances from Diptyque are much better than Yankee and they smell more natural. Scent concentration in Diptyque candles has gone down over the last few years and production quality tends to be inconsistent.


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