Saturday, 10 November 2012

Nail Haul!!

I decided this morning I would give my nails a little treat, I've been fancying the Skyfall collection for a little while now and I knew I could get them from my local beauty wholesalers, when I saw them with swatches on another blog last night, it sealed the deal!! Im really excited to try them!!

I also purchased some ridge filler and top coat by a brand called Nina, which I have never heard of, have you??  I was going to nip to Boots and but Essie ridge filler but at £8 I decided to get the Nina product at just over £3!  They must be at least half decent if they are selling them at the beauty wholesalers, some nail technicians some where must be using them!!

I picked up some Sally Hansen remover to take off what I had on and some cotton pads too!!  

Really looking forward to trying these polishes!!  Stay tuned for a NOTD!!!


  1. The Skyfall minis look so nice -- esp the red one. pretty

    1. I must admit, I'm not usually a red nail polish kind of girl but from swatches I've seen of this one on other blogs, I'm looking forward to trying it!! :) xx


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