Thursday, 22 November 2012

NOTD - Oh 'Diorling' !!

As promised, a NOTD post on my Dior polish from Christmas Grand Bal collection.

Keeping it short and snappy!

This nail polish can be used as a subtle sheen for your nails or a full on opaque polish ...after quite a few layers!  From the picture below you can see after one coat!

It is actually making the white of my nails look yucky and discoloured here!  But in person, its much nicer, this picture doesn't do it much justice and neither does my next one really...

This picture is of the nails opaque, though the picture doesn't actually show this!  The swatch above is after four coats of polish and the way the light is shining on them is not showing them fairly!

I would certainly recommend though, as they are beautiful and classy!  I didn't wear top coat over this and they lasted a good week without chipping, so quite a good wear time, will be even better with a base and top coat too!!

I will be adding another colour to my collection in the form of 'Lady', a lovely pearlescent white, which I tested in store and presume is going to be your bog standard two coats for opaqueness! 

Another thing I love about the polish, is it gorgeous bottle!!  So elegant!!


  1. That's a really nice color on you, your nails are looking amazing. The nail polish is just right as well, it's not too bright.


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