Friday, 9 November 2012

October Empties.

Apologies ...Once AGAIN, same old story as to why I've been gone so long and its uni work!  Here is my October Empties, a little late seeing as though November is well on its way and cruising right towards Christmas, in double fast time!!

Firstly, Escada Island Kiss, I got this as a free sample when I bought something, I think from Debenhams, I was lovely and I managed to pour half of it down my back as I didn't hold it to my skin before I tipped it up, I must have been a bit strong that day!!  It was quite nice, very summery though.  I have had one Escada's summer perfumes before, the problem with all these ones they seem to be always limited edition, though I probably wouldn't purchase Island Kiss in full size anytime soon!

Next, Classic Nail Polish Remover, all the way from sunny Dubai 2010, I bought this from the mini store in the hotel after I wore navy blue Chanel polish which started to come off after about day one lounging in the pool and it looked awful!!  I can honestly say this is the best polish remover I have ever used, takes anything straight off, no issue with glitter polishes at all and you barely need any on a cotton pad hence why its only just empty!!!  Would definitely repurchase and wouldn't mind going on a trip back to Dubai for it either!!  HEHE!

Batiste Coloured Dry Shampoo Brunette,  this was ok, it was good colour wise, no more white talc in brown hair, meaning it was good for a quick spritz if you were in a rush in the morning without worrying about missing any left on show but I'm just not a fan of Batiste, I don't like the scents, they stink!  Though I shall reserve taring them all with the same brush (as I have had most of them) until I have tried the coconut one, ill stick to my gorgeous smelling Lee Stafford Thanks!

Hello Kitty Liberty Body Spray, got this in a lovely gift set last Christmas, it been on its last legs for a while but I finished it off this evening after a shower!  I cant describe the scent, its just very girly and pretty but subtle, will be interesting to see if they have used the same scent in this years gifts.

The Body Shop Coconut Body Mist, in love with this!  I featured this in one of my favourites posts, a definite repurchase!!

John Frieda Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight, My Auntie gave me this because she said it wasn't working for her, but it worked for me, its brilliant for camping, which I do a lot of because of the sport we are involved in, use on wet hair before drying and style as normal, boom, 3 days straight.  My Auntie wondered if it was because her hair was too short (she has a bob) I had long hair but just had it cut above my shoulders last week so I will test that theory when I buy it again.

Sanex Sensitive Deodorant, had this many times before, minimal white marks if any at all, nice and soft on the under arms, nice scent and very subtle, not over powering like the one I'm currently using!

Natural Collection Passionfruit body spray, this has been empty a little while, I love the smell of passionfruit and this smells gorgeous and brilliantly cheap at £2 from Boots!

Impulse Very Very Pink Body Spray, not bad, don't use this when at home but for when camping, I always have an impulse to hand then, its ok I guess.  I prefer 'Tease' to be honest.

Hello Kitty Body Splash in Vanilla, a friend bought me this as part of an Christmas gift last year, I still have it because I have been pacing myself with it, it is so beautiful!!  It is from H&M though I have never been able to get hold of it myself, hopefully if its only a Christmas thing it will be back this year, hopefully!!

N.B. I have so many body sprays as I have gone through my draws and used up the last of them all very recently, I don't usually go through this many different ones in one month!!

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