Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Philips Sonicare Toothbrush.

I decided to treat myself to an electric toothbrush, I have never had a proper electric one, only the battery powered 'Pulsar' ones you can buy in the supermarkets, I'm unsure of the brand, Wisdom, I think?

Anyway, I thought while they were all on sale with Christmas coming up, why not??  The one I have purchased was half price at £25.00!  
Sonicare brush on its battery charging base
It has a rechargeable battery with a base to stand it on to recharge, the only problem here is the end of the plug is for a shaving socket, something where I currently live, doesn't have, luckily we had a travel adaptor which works instead so beware of this when purchasing yourself!!

It has a 2 minute automatic timer, ensuring you brush your teeth for the time recommended by dentists which I think is really handy, sometimes I doubt myself with manual toothbrushes and wonder if I really spent enough time some days.  The head is small making it precise and easier to use in hard to reach areas.  This only came with one head, though they last around 3 months, according to the box, and can be purchased as a box of three for around £13.00
Small head for precision brushing
It is a big named brush with a little price, I remember when Sonicare came out originally, their cheapest toothbrush was around £100!!  These still exist though!!

This took a while to get used to after years of manual brushing but I must say I wont be going back anytime soon!!!

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