Thursday, 1 November 2012


My lovely, lovely, lovely Auntie treated me this afternoon to one of these little babies!!!

If your still a little unsure as to what this is, it is one of the four beautiful, beautiful nail varnishes released for christmas.

After a few minutes desperately trying to decide which one I liked best (ERM, ALL OF THEM!!)  I went for the neutral beige colour '207 Diorling' with gold flecks.


In pictures I have seen of the black, it looked very glossy with lots of gold flecks init, though the lady behind the counter had it on, it was ok.  I didn't go for the red as I'm not a red nail polish girl and I hate how it can stain the nail when taking it off, though I may make an exception this time!  The third was a gorgeous pearlescent white which I decided against, though I don't know why,  I love the one I have chosen though I maybe be adding the white one to my polish collection in the very near future!! hehe!!

Stay tuned for a NOTD Diorlings!!!

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