Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Vichy DERCOS Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

You may have seen a while back I was singing the praises of an E45 shampoo, though just like all the others, I spoke too soon and stopped working for my dandruff problem.  I quickly found another shampoo to try which did the same thing and then I saw a blog post on Hello Cotton (I should really start taking note of people blogs when I see something that becomes a future purchase).  Vichy DERCOS Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, it worked for her when nothing else did and I figured it must be worth a try....

In fact I went out and bought it that same day after I found on the internet they sold it in Boots (the recommending blog post was American so I was surprised when I found it) though typically they didn't actually sell it in store, they kindly ordered it for me.  At £8.00 it is pretty pricey but totally worth it!!  It claim to act on dandruff from the first wash and I would have to say I agree!!

The first time you use it, apply, rub in to the scalp and leave it for two minutes, though wash like normal for every time after that.  It states on the side of the box it is a 4 week treatment and keeps you dandruff free for up to 6 weeks, though you can use this for every wash, which is something I love about it.  A lot of others only recommend using every other wash or once weekly etc.

It is bright orange in colour and has its own scent, it doesn't smell at all unpleasant like many others I have tried, but it doesn't smell like anything I can place.

Even though it states it is a 4 week treatment, I will be sure to be making this my everyday shampoo, even though quite pricey, it is worth its weight in gold to me and everyone else with similar problems.  I will HIGHLY recommend this, being dandruff free has become the norm for me now, not only is my scalp healthily, it has done my confidence wonders when it comes to my hair and I can now wear any colour I like with out worry!

Bright orange in colour

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