Wednesday, 13 March 2013

NOTD -The Impossible

This NOTD has been due since Friday, but I have had no internet.  Im here now though!

This is one for four OPI Mini's from the Mariah Carey Liquid Sand collection, I will post on all four, this one is 'The Impossible'.

I love this nail polish!!  Its a beautiful bright and glittery pink, both small and large flecks and what should be star shaped glitter too, I can see it in the bottle but ten fingers and two coats later, I don't have any stars on these spangly nails!  Maybe the stars will be more successful from a full sized bottle?
I have painted mine with a base coat to start, so a single coat will suffice for  a light pink look.  Two gets you a gorgeous bright prink, reflective of what you can see in the bottle.

The box states that a top coat should not be applied to this Liquid Sand polish, I haven't attempted this yet as I love the colour and don't wish to ruin it but I will try this out before I do all four posts.
This polish is pretty good and hard wearing due to its glitter properties, a good holiday polish, it lasts around a week chip free and for toes a lot longer!  Though its sparkle slowly dulls over this period of time.  I would certainly recommend to anyone to try this that hasn't already!

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