Thursday, 16 May 2013

Little Lush Haul/ Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

Last week I went to Lush for the first time in a long time, with the intention of treating myself to a nice shower gel or something to that effect, I have just moved house and been showering at the in-laws-to-be's house whilst our bathroom was being refitted, so I wanted something nice and new to go with my new bathroom.... which I got but I also came out with a whole load of other stuff for my hair.  I will review my shower purchase in this post, but stay tuned for separate posts on my other hair items! (This is not a lie this time!)  So without further ado...

I  have decided to start with what I went in for, some sort of shower gel.  I found myself with a shower jelly in the form of Sweetie Pie which was sold to me on smell alone, like most things in Lush.  I couldnt help but think to myself, surely this is going to spend more time on the bottom of my bath than in my hands?  Due to its wobbly nature, and im not going to lie, its hard to keep hold of, like flubber!  Though it is amazing and worth the money at £3.10, whether or not it will last as long as a traditional shower gel, we shall see ...and I will report in an empties post, though I have used it about 5 times so far and it hasnt reduced much in size.  This smells just like 'The Comforter' bubble bar (Mmm, my fave!)  and is part of the deal of a free fresh face mask after bringing back 5 empties!!

Soap and Float Shampoo Bar coming next.....

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