Thursday, 16 May 2013

Lush Soap and Float Shampoo Bar.

Excuse my hair on the shampoo bar...
(Part of Lush Haul)
Honestly I have read so many great things about this shampoo bar and how good it is at kicking the ass of dandruff, though I bailed on this the first time I went to look at it about 6 months ago as it STINKS, or if im using my latest word, Boffs! HA, though on second attempt, it actually isnt too bad and smells very similar to Polytar (If anyone actually knows what this is??).  I have been using this for just over a week now and it delivers results!!  Im hoping my scalp won't get used to this like it has with others in the past (incase you havent read me whining abut this before).  It is fantastic value for money at £5.25 which give you 80-100 washes out of one bar.  When I first tried this, I took a back up shampoo into the shower as I just could not see how this could work, though rubbing this once between your hands gives you so much lather on your hair its CRAY CRAY!!  Dont be fooled by the little amount of bubbles you have on your hands, just whack it on and the magic starts to happen.  I said to the lady in the shop, 'I suppose I will have to buy a tin for this then?'  She told me, not to bother, she just leaves hers on the side of the bath, but honestly this left a mess on mine.  Though don't waste £2.50 on a tin for this ....finally, ENTER THE STEAMCREAM EMPTY TIN!!!  Perfect size and shape for these .....AWESOMEEEE!!  Though it does get a little stuck inside the tin, which it would in the Lush tins anyway, so I just give it a little blast with the shower head and it loosens it off.  Overall a big thumbs up on this product!!

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