Monday, 3 June 2013


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Oh my gosh!!!  The first year anniversary of this blog has come and gone and I haven't noticed.  I feel so bad a mare who has rejected its foal, I thought the anniversary of the Beauty Satchel was some time this month, maybe even next month but it was the beginning of May, OOPS!!

After a year of being SEMI-active, SEMI being the main word there, I dont feel I have kept this blog updated as much as I should have or as much as I planned to when I first started it.  Though as you all know, life just takes over sometimes!!  I hope to provide you with much more in its second year!!  

Thinking about it now, it was nice that I received my first Glossybox, second birthday box at that, at the same time as my year anniversary as I was looking forward to signing up for a subscription box for a long time !!

So this is just a post to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTY SATCHEL and see you all soon!!
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