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Glossybox July 2013 //Seaside Splash

So this is is my final Glossybox ....for the time being.. as I ordered a package of three, though I shall be reordering ...but anyway...
Beautiful 'Seaside Splash' themed box
When I saw the theme of this box on the Glossybox website, I actually let out a little shriek!!  And it did not disappoint!!  Though my box was a little damaged, though that might have something to do with Hermes throwing it over my gate!!  Luckily there were no breakables inside and my beautiful box has minimal damage!!
Themed paper and lovely blue ribbon
I dont know if anyone else found this but, when I saw on Facebook/ Instagram these boxes were being dispatched on Friday, I was excited to receive mine the next day (like last month) but no dispatch email arrived ....booo....Sat in the back garden on Saturday afternoon when I hear a thud and HELLO GLOSSYBOX ...which I found very odd, and I have only actually received my dispatch email today .....three days after receiving it????  Ohh well!  On to the box, and I'm not going to lie, I used all of these product on day one!!

 What I received:

  1. Alterna Haircare- Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist
  2. Pukka Ayurveda- Radiance Serum
  3. Ciate London Paint Pot
  4. Coola Orgainic Suncare Collection- Mineral Face SPF 20 Rose Essence Tint
  5. Anatomicals- Spray misty for me facial spritz

The first item I spotted and loved was the Ciate paint pot in 'Pocket Money'  this is one of the new shades from the summer collection and is a full sized product worth £9.00 so already a good value box.  I will save my review on this for a NOTD post, so stay tuned for that!  The next product that grabbed my attention was the Anatomicals facial mist, another full sized product at 100ml worth £6.00, I used it instantly then and there after unboxing in the baking heat of my back garden and it is lovely and refreshing.  It has a mixture of scents between peppermint for refreshment and lavender for calming and soothing.  You can use this under of over make up, I have been using it before moisturising in the morning, though I haven't tried it over make up.  I feel it will be great to take with you anywhere in this lovely weather to cool down a little or on an airplane for a little pick me up!!

As for the next products, I have not heard of any of them.  I will start with the serum by Pukka Ayurveda, which should be applied before moisturising.  I have used this a couple of times simply because I keep forgetting to put it on before moisturising.  it have Manuka Honey in it which grabbed my attention and it actually looks honey in colour.  It is a really soft and kind to the skin and is enriched with aloe vera and lemon balm to brighten your complexion.  So far I like it but will reserve judgement on whether I feel the need to go and buy it.  

The Coola Mineral Face Tint is also quite nice, I like that it has SPF 20 in it, great for seaside sun bathers and city slickers alike, it is a good colour for my skin tone so I was happy with that.  It also claims to sooth and tone skin whilst minimising pores, I do feel my skin looks much better after application of this, and seem quite even and shine free which is a bonus.  Its ingredients include Evening Primrose Oil to reduce inflammation and it doesn't smell to bad either, until other tinted moisturisers I have had in the past!!

Finally a haircare product by Alterna Haircare, another brand I am unaware of.  This is supposed to give your a hair a nice, natural, beachy tousled style.  you can apply to damp or dry hair and then scrunch.  I applied this to damp hair and used a good finger width of product from the bottle.  I did get a bit of a wave but nothing extra ordinary  that I couldn't have done minus the product.  I must say it did a better job than last months Paul Mitchell products.  But seeing as though I have a bob not much longer than chin length, I feel I used a lot of product with not much results, other than a bit of a crispy crown where I had obviously got too close.  But I need to try it on dry hair before I slate it too much!
Overall, quite a good box, though looking at others, I feel it is a little unfair some people got two full sized lip glosses, giving them 6 products!  Oh well, I love having this surprise each month, on to the next one....

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  1. I have had my last glossy box, when I first started getting it I loved it but its just not for me anymore.

    Pip xx


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